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Do decompression belts really work?

Beware of the common tricks.

There’s a problem in the decompression belt industry. Many companies claim to treat back pain, but none of their products are designed and built to support that claim.


A gaugeless pump.

Is it too tight? Too loose? Gaugeless pumps don’t give you an idea of how much pressure you need for your back.

Designed for grip, not support.

During inflation, The belt has to anchor underneath the lowest rib and hip to effectively stretch the torso and relieve pressure in the back.

One size. Fits some.

Just like a pair of jeans, the belt should be offered in your specific torso measurement and conform to your body type – not just one size fits all.


Not wash friendly.

All competitors state “Do not submerge in water”, speaking volumes about the quality and construction of their product.

If your decompression belt meets this checklist…

It’s time to make a change.

Herniated Disc
Bulging Disc

Shaped different so you feel the difference.


Other brands

The design of the DDS brace contours to your lumbar curve

This allows the belt to grip your hip bones and elevate your bottom ribs - creating space between the discs in your spine.

Competitor braces are too rigid to completely grip the appropriate areas to successfully expand the spine.

Take a closer look.

Built with the care to support your build.

Original Image The other brands
Modified Image DDS

The lumbar curve is where DDS simply outshines its competitors. It is the only brace of those tested that has any degree of lumbar curve designed into the belt as shown in the photo above.


The DDS Belts are made of 100% inner cotton lining. Everything from the materials used to the stitching shows its quality. Machine washable while others state not to submerge in water.

You can’t fit a square peg in a round hole.

Wear a custom fit for a custom pain.

For certain products, one size fits all do the job, but that is not the case with decompression belt. The more tailored the belt is to your waist size, the more effective the belt will be in gripping and decompressing your back.



27 - 33 IN.



34 - 38 IN.


39 - 43 IN.

X large

44 - 49 IN.

2x large

50 - 55 IN.

3x large

56 - 60 IN.

Don’t just take our word for it.

82% of customers prefer DDS over other brands.

To continuously improve our product, we seek out feedback from people that have used our products. During this process, sometimes we come across data that can be helpful to those that are looking for a permanent solution to their back pain.

82 %

Customers prefer DDS over other brands.

8 %

Customers prefer other brands over DDS.

10% of customers were indifferent or felt all brands were equally effective.

*Combination of surveys done in 2011 & 2014 - 879 questionnaires submitted.

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