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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have the DDS 500. I’m not sure how different it is than the DDS 300 as they both look the same. Anyhow, this brace is so comfortable and gave me such relief and now with a herniated L4/L5, it’s one of the only things non-pharmaceutical that’s giving me relief again. I thought I would never be able to sit down again until this started saving my spine. Thank you!!/

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rebecca Bryan

    I had purchased this collar several months ago. I have been using this collar several times a week and it has helped me a lot. At work I am at the computer and on the telephone for 8 sometimes up to 10 hours a day. Well, somehow I lost the pressure release screw. I contacted DDS and they were quick to send me out a replacement and a back up pressure release screw. They charged me nothing. Great customer service! Once this happened, I realized just how much this collar gave me the relief I need. Great product !

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Don Thomas

    My DDS 300 is essential to back/spine comfort for a long day of sitting, yard work, pool care, evening relaxation, and travel. A great product!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is great

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    Amazing for long road trips, sitting on flights or working at desk when ur back is still weak or in pain… lower back…that is

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    I felt immediate relief the first time I put it on. It is a little bulky and took some time to get used to. The belt is easy to use. I have lower back pain due to scoliosis and some other issues that gets really bad from time to time.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5


    I googled decompression belts and came upon DDS belts. There were many belts available but I was looking specifically for one that would decompress the vertebral discs to release the pressure on the nerve. And I wanted quality construction that would last and do the job of a chiropractor. And when I read the mechanism of DDS 300 and 500 I knew I had found that ONE SPECIAL BELT. Then I read the testimonials. Right away I knew I was married to DDS for the rest of my life. I bought DDS 500 with the back panels to help restore the proper curve and sustain it as we often ignore our postures putting a strain on the spinal discs. The first day of using the belt for 2 hours I noticed how incredibly well it had removed the pain. I was overwhelmed with joy and awe.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    David Walker

    I’m so thankful for your amazing products.
    your decompression collar and back brace have kept me, able to still work,(career drywaller) without becoming a drug addict, which was my only other alternative for the chronic pain I suffer from. thank you !!!
    David Walker

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Julianna L.

    I got this belt right after I got a muscle sprain in my lower back from reaching over to put my 2 1/2 year old toddler in her stroller. It helped get me back on my feet and heel very quickly. The DDS belt is very well constructed and it helped me straighten out my posture and reduced the pain in my lower back tremendously. Do not waste your money on cheaper belts. This is so worth it!

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Nick Owen

    The product is tremendous and has given me a new lease of life. After wear and tear, both the straps need replacing. DDS have been great.

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    Maria Zepeda

    I was going to have back surgery. I decided not not and use this belt instead. It provides back pain relief very quickly and safely.
    I highly recommend it..and I do tell my friends about it all the time

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    Chris R

    I have a herniated L5-S1 disc causing sciatica. This belt really did relieve the pressure on my disc and help with pain. After some PT the pain subsided. I still use the brace daily as I drive allot for my job. If I don’t wear the belt for a couple of days I can feel the sciatica start to flare up. I’ll put the belt on for a couple of hours and the symptoms are gone. Definitely, helps with decompression. Worth the money to me!

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    Denise E

    Bought it for my sister. She uses it every day. It has helped her tremendously, without it she would be mostly bed ridden.

  14. Rated 5 out of 5

    dorrise langdon

    I was told by another brand that I was a liability and medicate would pay for it. So I bought your without their permission been in many braces before. The mystery ailment scoliosis. After 5 hrs I just collapse thats it since I was 20 now 58, hairdresser for 30 yrs before I fell apart. Went for disability. Long story short got brace within 3 pumps I started to feel 1 spasm that I’ve been fighting for 40 yrs go away!I have upper ribs popping out because of pressure from old injury and other braces and atrophy. So the other company was right if I wasn’t so in tune with what’s going on , but since I’ve studied it for yrs my Chiropractor said I could use it. So at least 1 pain gone now what about the other 50 ha ha

  15. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ron Smith

    I purchased the DDS-300 and decided not to waste money on a cheap imitation or a cheaper device. The DDS-300 is medical grade equipment of high quality that does what it is represented to do and it will stand up to serious use. Some of the disks in my lower back are worn thin, almost bone on bone according to x-rays, and there is often pain from nerve irritation that really gets my attention. The DDS-300 really works great to lift and separate the disks giving relief from pain. I might wear it from time to time for an hour or more which gives me enough relief from the pain and gets me moving on with my life again. This is a must have item for anyone with disabling low back pain due to problems with disks. I should also point out that the Disc Disease Solutions customer service is incredible and this company is truly committed to helping its customers. I say this because I had purchased a 5XL and then lost 40 pounds over the next few months which made the 5XL too large and not useable. Disc Disease Solutions exchanged the 5XL size for a 3XL size for no additional charge to me. That is top notch and incredible customer service. I cannot say enough good things about this company and their DDS-300 lumbar belt.

  16. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bill Taylor

    The decompression helped relive pain and is more comfortable than the heavy, stiff braces Dr’s prescribed. Ultimately had L4&5 fusion including decompression and disk replacement. Dds belt kept back more stable and comfortable than what hospital issued. Have recommended to friends and let them put it on and feel the relief.

  17. Rated 5 out of 5

    Valerie Gardner

    I used the DDS Cervitrac Cervical Traction Collar regularly for months to
    help me deal with unbearable neck pain. The traction made sense,
    and the pain was lessened. Eventually I had two discs replaced, and today
    I have no pain and am able to once again rotate my head in all directions.
    I highly recommend this collar as a first choice in dealing with neck pain!

  18. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lana Hughes

    Over the years I’ve placed over a hundred DDS Braces on my customers/ patients in my DME company. I can’t tell you the phenomenal feedback I received from our patients. When our accreditation monitors came through, they were very impressed at our customer satisfaction results. I’m so thankful to DDS and their great team. They’ve offered a wonderful product that does exactly as they promised. And the DDS customer service is beyond exceptional.

  19. Rated 4 out of 5

    James Sanders

    Anytime you can decrease medication, you’ve got a great product.

  20. Rated 5 out of 5


    My husband and I both use the neck brace. My husband has had 2 neck surgeries. He was trying to avoid having the second surgery by using the brace. It helped with the numbness in his fingers and discomfort in his shoulders and neck muscles, but unfortunately he couldn’t wear it 24/7 and so, had the surgery. I have arthritis in my neck from a car accident long ago and the brace helps along with chiropractic treatments.
    Give it a try, you will be glad you did!

  21. Rated 5 out of 5


    Ever since working at a computer store lifting heavy boxes out of small trucks, I had developed this excruciating pain in my lower back. It seems to go away, but once in a while it peaks back. Sometimes it’s so bad that I can’t even get up to go to work.

    At first I had some doubt, but after trying the belt, I felt a relieve almost instantly. I don’t wear it everyday, but just once every few weeks when my back pain pops up. I’ve never missed work since I got the belt and I’ve even started lifting weights again, which I never thought I’d be able to do. It’s completely changed my life!

  22. Rated 5 out of 5

    Loren D.

    For my situation, it provides some relief while I am waiting for my laminectomy. It will not cure me, but while I am wearing the DDS Max, it relieves the pressure and pain I normally experience. It’s hard to argue with the physics of the unit … It works.

  23. Rated 5 out of 5

    Charles S.

    Purchased the DDS G2 and have received immediate, positive benefits in reducing pain and allowing me to be more active. Very satisfied with the G2 and recommend it highly!

    But maybe even more appreciated, and certainly more confidence inspiring, is the customer service I received from DDS. Less than a month after my purchase the hand pump for my G2 had an issue with the gauge causing me to be uncertain as to the pressure to which I was inflating the unit. My email to customer service was answered within 4 hours and the response was a “no questions asked” replacement of the defective hand pump!

    The replacement unit shipped that same day and was delivered in 2 days. No waiting for me to send back the defective hand pump, no questions about how I utilized the pump, just an immediate no cost replacement that assured minimal loss of use of my G2.

    That is uncommon customer service and inspire much confidence and loyalty to DDS.

  24. Rated 4 out of 5

    Maureen B.

    DDS OA KneeTrac has helped eliminate knee pain.

  25. Rated 4 out of 5

    Gary M.

    The belt fit great and flexible to wear anytime.

  26. Rated 4 out of 5

    Tom R.

    jury still out

  27. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tom F.

    Excellent help for my lower back. This is the second one for me.

  28. Rated 5 out of 5

    Srivamsi T

    This device is easy to use ( that’s what my 65 old mom tells me). She uses it at home to relieve neck pain. I initially got a faulty pump, but when i called customer support they immediately sent me a replacement. i got the replacement the next day. Excellent customer service. Thanks

  29. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jennifer O.

    Very easy to use. Saw results right way. Very happy customer!

    • DDS

      Jennifer, thank you for your review and valuable feedback. We’re so glad to hear that our DDS Max is working well for you and giving you the relief you need. As per our conversation, please try our quick troubleshooting tips and if they do not solve the issue, we will be more than happy to exchange your brace for a new model. Simply let us know and we’ll have it taken care of in no time!

  30. Rated 5 out of 5

    David M.

    Gave relief when pain was worst. I will use for flare ups.

  31. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dan S.

    I use the belt almost daily it brings quick relief from my lower back pain

  32. Rated 5 out of 5

    Scott Y.

    It does put a lot of force on your jaw/chin. The produce is very well made with high quality materials. I’m currently not having any pain so I’m using it every three or four days for 30 minutes.

    • DDS

      We greatly appreciate your feedback on our DDS Posture unit. The straps are attached to the "harness" point to allow a centralized point of constant stability while in use. Hopefully you are able to adjust the straps to a more comfortable point that does not restrict your movement and cause any discomfort. The extra padding, is in fact, for extra comfort while in use and we suggest using the unit over your clothing to prevent any skin abrasion while moving. However, as your purchase is still within our 60-day return policy, we would be more than happy to process a return on this item should you wish.

As a college student I would experience lower back pain off and on. As time went by and I became a mother the pain intensified from carrying the baby from infancy through toddlerhood. The pain was constant. But never sought any help to fix the pain. The idea never even occurred. Until recently in 2018 when I woke up with a vertigo and rushed to ER. They suspected I might have had a stroke based on the symptoms I narrated. After thorough exams and tests they ruled out stroke but I discovered a few things within my body relating to my lower back pain that would have remained undetected.

X-rays and MRI revealed that an old compression fracture in L2-3 most certainly from a fall in childhood had collapsed the vertebrae by 30%. Consequentially, this trauma had changed the bio-mechanics of the entire spine says the doctor causing disc compression and protrusion leading to severe arthritic condition in L2-3 and moderate arthritic condition in L3-4 and Foraminal Stenosis in L5-S1.

The Pain from the pressure on the nerve was so bad that it pervaded my consciousness 24 hrs. At night as I lay down I would be aware of the discomfort and would constantly engage in stretching yoga postures to relieve the pressure and notice the subtle relief from it.

So I decided to see a chiropractor to get permanent relief. The chiropractor was treating this condition by decompressing the facet joints and behind the discs releasing the pressure on the nerve in L2-3-4-5 and S1 (Sacrum). The key was decompression. Along with bi-weekly treatments for a month and subsequent maintenance treatments once a month the doctor also suggested a lumbar belt.

So I googled decompression belts and came upon DDS belts. There were many belts available but I was looking specifically for one that would decompress the vertebral discs to release the pressure on the nerve. And I wanted quality construction that would last and do the job of a chiropractor. And when I read the mechanism of DDS 300 and 500 I knew I had found that ONE SPECIAL BELT. Then I read the testimonials. Right away I knew I was married to DDS for the rest of my life. I bought DDS 500 with the back panels to help restore the proper curve and sustain it as we often ignore our postures putting a strain on the spinal discs. The first day of using the belt for 2 hours I noticed how incredibly well it had removed the pain. I was overwhelmed with joy and awe. The degree of relief was 100% greater than the chiro treatment because the DDS belt allows up to 5 hours of wear in a day. Whereas the chiro treatment is 30 minutes a session which includes only 10 minutes of adjustments and 20 minutes of machine massage. With moderate to severe disc compressions longer duration/ frequency/ and intensity of treatments give better results. So after about 5 days of use my back pain has vanished. I have not used the belt in over 6 months now. I have not visited the chiropractor since the initial 6 visits. And I live pain free and in peace and confidence knowing my back is insured with DDS 500 decompression belt. What a miracle belt it is. I give it 100 stars and recommend to all those suffering from lower back pain to give it a try. Never underestimate this belt.

The DDS Max was actually the 3rd cervical traction unit that I tried.
The first was the traction unit attached to a board that you lie upon. It put me in extension and significantly increased my pain.
The second was an over the door unit. It worked great the first time, but subsequent attempts didn’t reproduce the same results. I couldn’t find that sweet spot of correct angle and distance from the door.

One of our therapists had an equipment rep with a DDS Max. It gave me complete relief the first time. And actually each and every subsequent time. The DDS Max became my best friend as I healed. My wife called it my security blanket because I took it with me everywhere. I used it anywhere from 1 to 8 x every day. All that I needed was the cervical McKenzie positioning exercises and my DDS Max. No pain meds, no surgery.

My injury was mid September. I went snow skiing the last week of December. I was symptom free by then. (My DDS Max made the ski trip for just in case! )

I highly recommend it daily in my clinic.

Joe Kay, MD

Dear DDS I have been a location sound engineer for NFL Films for 20 years. I carry about 20-30 pounds of gear using a shoulder harness everyday and must run around the football field during games. This past February, the wear and tear of the job weakened my back to the point that I severely injured my back and was not able to work. Before the beginning of this football season, I was taking medication and seeing a chiropractor and was starting to feel better. However, I was not at the point that I was comfortable wearing my gear and getting back to work. My doctor recommended the DDS. He explained how it worked and that I could discretely wear it during the game. I was still experiencing some discomfort before my first game back but after the first game, not only was I able to manage the weight of my gear and the running around, I felt better than I did at the start of the game. The normal soreness and discomfort that I used to feel after a game was gone. I feel like DDS belt has extended my career for many years. I cannot work without it now and have since recommended it to many of the other sound engineers and cameramen I work with. They have all called me up after using it saying they wish they found this belt 10 years ago. Thanks for making such a great product!

However, I was not at the point that I was comfortable wearing my gear and getting back to work. My doctor recommended the DDS. He explained how it worked and that I could discretely wear it during the game. I was still experiencing some discomfort before my first game back but after the first game, not only was I able to manage the weight of my gear and the running around, I felt better than I did at the start of the game. The normal soreness and discomfort that I used to feel after a game was gone. I feel like DDS belt has extended my career for many years. I cannot work without it now and have since recommended it to many of the other sound engineers and cameramen I work with. They have all called me up after using it saying they wish they found this belt 10 years ago. Thanks for making such a great product!

Since using your belt, my back has drastically improved. Being a semi pro ball player, (and a catcher at that) for 13 years, my back really suffered. In the years since ball playing, I work as a long shoreman 60+ hours a week and I was finding only temporary relief with chiropractors & pain relievers. Your belt has helped not only relieve pain but improve the all around health of my back. I am very thankful to have found this product.

I  don’t have words to express what your Kneetrac has done for my mother in law, who by the time we arrived was literally in tears from the pain, anguish and so depressed I can only imagine what it must be like to feel that helpless. But what your kneetrac did was amazing, as soon as we put it on a million lights went on, she  got up and walked as if she was dreaming. And yes she walked pain free, and she has stayed that way since, she has learned to put the brace by herself, remind you she is 83 years old and is a very happy lady, who can do her chores in perfect comfort.

As soon as the doctor put it on and pumped it up, I was amazed at how much pain was gone. I felt so much better. I told all my friends about it and referred them , most of them now have the DDS Brace. I don’t wear it all the time now, but I know if I am going to do yard work or mow the lawn I have to wear it. If I am shopping or walking around a lot, I wear it. It is a little harder to drive or sit with it because it rides up. It is easier for me to bend down than it was before.

This product is amazing! It has really helped me align my spine when spine goes out of position. I think more television advertisements are needed to get this product to those who don’t want to go through surgery. I will and positively endorse this prodyct just let me know until then. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

I can’t say enough good things about this brace. Before I got this brace, I was falling a lot and could hardly walk. I was in a lot of pain too. Now I am walking with a wheelie some and sometimes without it. I can drive some now where I couldn’t before and still have some pain but nothing like before. I have only fallen twice in the last year and a half.

Fantastic brace which immediately started to decompress my spine and give me relief. Because of the brace, I have avoided back surgery and Vax-D treatments. It saved me money and within 60 days, my back pain and sciatica pain disappeared. I will continue to use as a preventive maintenance and any future back-related pain. Everyone should try the brace before opting for surgery!

In the Past 22 years, I have attempted chiropractic, acupuncture, S.T.E.M. , Intrusive Spine Stimulators, Opiates, Opiodes, several surgery failures, and intrathecal spinal infusion pumps. I love the brace, and can’t wait to put it on. The immediate relief is remarkable. You have to try it to experience it! I would recommend to anyone who suffers from back pain before you go through what I endured.

When I saw this on tv, I talked to my doctor and got it. First try I could tell an improvement and it help me walk with low pain and sitting. About a month later, I had showed my doctors how it saved me from a lot of pain I had before. I go out for over 4-6 hours and wear it so it helps me through the day. I’ve learned to bring the name and number of this product, for I’ve had a lot of people ask me about it everywhere. This helped my chronic pain on mid back and lower back a lot. Thanks so much!

I recently received my DDS belt I was skeptic and mad at the world because i have had back pain for 15 years and every time i go to the back doctor they make light of my problem. I tell them about crawling around the house as i cant stand some days with back pain. My husband saw this ad on TV and wanted me to try this. WOW after i wore it for a couple of days i noticed my back felt different. I first said my back is numb but realised it was not numb that was NO PAIN!!!!! It had been so long since i had no pain i did not realize that was what it was. I still couldn’t believe it. I have worn it now for 10 days. Now i am going to try riding my horses again. I have my life back!!! I made a special point to write into DDS to ask about sending in a testimony. I want to share this news with others.

I have lost 3” in height in the last decade due to degenerating discs, and I was in constant pain. I took pain medication everyday to just get through the day. I purchased my first DDS brace and I have to say I loved them from the first day. They are remarkably comfortable and inconspicuous under clothing. I am able to attain a more correct posture pain free (shoulders back, chest out, straight spine… etc) for the first time in a long time! I am now able to do my favorite activity again – hike the Rocky Mountains with my dogs! Love love love your product.

I am so grateful and thankful for this brace. The trigger point injections did not last. Running the sweeper simply killed my back. They had stopped giving back surgeries in the state of Kansas. I saw a neurologist who wanted to fuse and place rods in my back. My knees would not have been able to last. My lower back is full of osteoarthritis. The L4 is being destroyed from the disease. Also the L5. But thanks to my brace, I can walk around Wal-Mart, grocery stores, my house, work, cook and attend church which is all the things I love to do. My depression is gone. Thank you. God bless you all.

I was having difficulty playing softball wearing the Aspen [brand brace]. It was so rigid that it was painful when I bent over. I tried an inexpensive back brace that was more flexible. That one did not give enough support. I heard about the DDS brace on TV and decided to give it a try after some research and conversation with a rep in your office. I was immediately surprised and satisfied with the support it gave me along with the flexibility. I like that you can pump varying lbs of pressure into the belt. I have found that I’m more comfortable at different levels of air pressure depending on my activity. I would recommend it to anyone with back problems and have already done so to friends on my softball team.

This product has been a godsend and an answer to my prayer! Financially it was also a blessing to me that my medical insurance covered more that 90 percent of the cost—something I never would have expected. Overall it has given me back the ability to live mostly pain free again—something you could never put a price on. As much as my physiotherapist was able to help me with many months of weekly visits and a variety of therapies (TENS, traction, manual adjustments, ice/heat and exercises), after exhausting my # of approved visits and having cortisone shots that were insufficient for the level of relief needed—the DDS brace has proven to be exactly what I needed. I was able to avoid a second cortisone shot due to the brace’s effectiveness as well…something I really appreciated since the first one proved extremely uncomfortable in terms of side effects of the drug. Thank you for a fabulous life-changing product!

I’ve had my brace since NOV. 24, 2012 my DDS lumbar support belt has truly been a blessing. Since I’ve been wearing it I have not had to get cortisone injections to relieve the pain in my back thigh/leg. I can really see the difference when I don’t wear it daily from now on. The brace supports greatly with prolonged sitting / standing. Ordering it was one of best decision I’ve made. When we travel to Eastman Georgia approx a 13 drive it gives me all the comforting support. Thank you for this great product.

It certainly has made my life less painful. I wish it could get rid of all the pain someday if I keep wearing it which I hope because it does help!! Thank you so much for making my life easier! =)

I have been able to be more active. The brace takes the pressure off my back regarding the disks. It has relieved pressure that before limited me to only doing certain cleaning, exercising. It feels like it stretches my back vertically and that relieves lower back pressure regarding the sciatic nerve.

I am very thankful because I’m an active person. I have been able to relieve the intensity of pain levels in back, leg, and feet.

It should be the miracle brace.

I find the brace to be comfortable and a good fit, even underneath clothing it doesn’t feel or appear bulky in any way. It does offer some relief from pain and stiffness in my lower back within about 15-20 min after use and sustained relief for about 2hr. I do have some problems being on my feet for much longer than 1-2 hr without pain (back, hips and feet), so I don’t ordinarily use the DDS brace longer than that, as it is more comfortable when I am standing than sitting, it has been beneficial enough that I would be comfortable enough recommending it to others, especially those who are on their feet for longer periods of time. I have met two individuals who are still employed and have jobs that require them to be ambulatory in their work who swear by the effectiveness of the DDS brace in reducing pain in their lower back.

The DDS brace was really helpul to me when I had to do a lot of standing and walking for long distances. It was also very comfortable under my clothing. To me this DDS brace has been a very good product up to now. Thanks!

Before the brace, I was going to physical therapy at least twice a week and was still experiencing pain one to two hrs after therapy . Once I started wear the brace and doing mild to medium stretching the pain is not a severe as it was before and now I wear the belt only when I feel my lower back tightening up. I feel great!!!!

Works great helps me a lot Love it. Very durable

Extremely helpful for me in relieving back pain. A DDS brace was donated (upon my success story) to a free medical clinic where I volunteer. The patient was able to resume normal activities free of pain. Before receiving the brace, this patient was in constant pain (severe). The clinic had no resources available to help.

My back pain is a lot less. It has saved me a lot of pain. I would recommend it to anyone with lower back pain. I can exercise again after the shots in my back did not help but the brace did the 1st time I wore it.

I have lost 3” in height in the last decade due to degenerating discs, and I was in constant pain. I took pain medications everyday to just get through the day. I purchased my first DDS brace and I have to say I loved it from the first day. It is remarkably comfortable and inconspicuous under clothing. I am able to attain a more correct posture pain free (shoulders back, chest out, straight spine… etc) for the first time in a long time! I am now able to do my favorite activity again – hike the rocky mountains with my dogs! Love love love your product.

4 years ago I decided, NO pain meds. This brace has allowed me the relief I need to get through my day. When the pain starts, I put it on. Now I can get done some things that I couldn’t do before – my back is weak after 3 surgeries so I’m very pleased with the relief I get.

This brace works wonders to sit and stand without pain

The brace has allowed me to continue activities – such as gardening, etc – which I love. Thank you so much!!

When I have forgotten to wear the brace, I get into some fierce pain. So although the brace hasn’t taken me to the point of no pain, it does help greatly when I need to go shopping or other need activities.

This brace has made it possible to be on my feet all day long if I need to be. Without the belt I have to spend my days sitting down. It has been a god send to me. I tell all of my friends and family what a blessing this belt is!!!

A chiropractor recommended your brace and said I should wear it at least 2 hrs a day. I wear it nearly everyday & try to use it 2 hrs give or take a little. It does give me some comfort. I am a difficult case. Had an MRI & a well respected neurosurgeon told me he’d like to help me, but not sure surgery would help on the right side – but could on the left side which causes sciatic pain. So I was encouraged to postpone surgery until I couldn’t stand the pain any longer. So I have sought “alternative solutions” and your DDS brace was one. It helps some – I use it almost daily & am grateful for it.

PS: I can’t take most medications including NSAIDS – so that’s why I use other methods for pain relief

I wear the brace to reduce pain & decrease need for as much narcotics.

I love the brace. It provides support for my back. I would be willing to test any technology or equipment your company has. Thanks!

As soon as I put on the brace I started to feel some relief of my back pain. I use the brace at night. That is when I need it the most.

When I first got the brace I would wear it two hours on three hours off for about two weeks. I did this two times a day. It does take all the pain away but when I have it on it takes away a lot of my pain from my back. When I am bowling I pump just enough air in the belt to relieve as much of the pain in my back. I bowl for two & a half hours without pain. I never do anything without this brace. Thank you!

Before getting my DDS brace I could hardly walk-drive- was only able to walk with a walker & cane and on oxytocin hydrophodien regulary. Pain meds cut in half. DDS brace has given me back doing things I couldn’t do 2 years ago. Also a have a stimulator for 3yrs and now I turn it on occasionally.Thanks again for the relief the DDS brace has given me.

it’s the best thing ever! I wish I would have tried it before my spinal fusion. I have problems from the neck down including the thoracic middle of back. So much is going on with my spine right now. But over all I am very pleased. I never wearing it without the panels, and didn’t know you could sleep in it but guess what! I will tonight thank you.

DDS brace helped and is still helping my back. Inflations eases the pain whereas I wasn’t hardly able to do anything before the DDS Brace. The other back brace just didn’t do anything. Thanks to the inventor who created the brace. They understood back pain.

The DDS brace is very supportive for me when I drive. It works better than all those pillows I use to support my lower extremities. It helps support my back when I’m sitting at my computer as well as when I stand at the sink while washing my face and other hygiene needs.

I have had back pain for years – arthritis. It does help – not always a complete solution. I am too old to have back surgery, but the brace helps a lot.

It helps me with some of the pain, it relieves some of the pain but not all. But when I don’t get any injections its really great, I depend on my brace because my doctor said I was to young for my surgery of my back. But im pleased with it.

This belt has made my life 100% easier before this belt I could not even bend to put my pants on. Since I started using my DDS belt things got easier. One word for this belt “Awesome.” It’s just great. I never leave home without it and if I am going away this is the just thing I am packing. Thanks to my dear Dr. Mathew Leyton and the great hands who made this belt. Thanks DDS, Inc.

When I received the DDS 500, I immediately started wearing the brace and I felt relief within a week. Now I wear everyday other day. With the hand pump you can add the amount of pressure that’s comfortable for you. The DDS 500 is also lightweight, on the scale of 1-10 I would say an 8. I’ve been using the DDS500 for approx. (2) two years.

I recommended this brace to a friend & she got one also. Before I received my brace, not a day went by without pain. I started wearing it one day & then all of a sudden at the end of the day I’m like I don’t have any back pain. I started putting it on early morning & I could wear it all day while working on my flowers or going to the mall. Walking a lot was a no no for me until I got my brace. I could not go a day without my brace now. I feel like it saved my life and for me some of the things I like to do. I had back surgery at 30 & over the years it has only gotten worse. I was told at that time surgery would never be an option for me. Thanks so much the people are wonderful there.

I feel a lot better and experience less pain while wearing the brace. I tend to stand and walk taller too.

At 87 years old, I have experienced scoliosis from degenerative discs. This condition limited my activity due to pain. I still have pain but nothing like I did before wearing the brace. It has helped with reducing the amount of pain medication, improved my posture, and gives me more mobility before using the brace. I wouldn’t be able to function in my own home without the brace. Thank you.

I could not play golf because of back pain. When I wear the brace I can play golf with little pain. It saved my golf.

The brace allowed me to run 2x a week with less pain and it allowed me to play with my grandkids. The only problem I had with the brace I had to wear it over a tshirt because it made me sweat and caused a rash on my skin.

I would have extreme back pain when I was bending forward & picking up anything that weighed over 5lbs. I used the brace all the time now. I have praised the brace to many friends & used my brochure to help them get in touch with you, I know some have ordered them because I heard back from them & how pleased they are.

The brace is a wonderful asset to me. I had back surgery in 2004. My doctor found a tumor wrapped around the nerves in my spine. He pulled the tumor and nerves apart. It has left permanent damage to my left side as the nerve to that leg was tightly bound by the tumor. I feel very fortunate that I can walk with the aid of a cane (and that has been only the past year that I have used the cane). I do feel the brace will help more as I am able to wear it more often.

This brace is a godsend. It does exactly what you claim. I only wish I had gotten it sooner.

I have severe OA in my whole body. It only allows me to work 2-3 hrs a day every 2-3 days. I have a fracture of L5 vertebrae that I use the brace for. The brace allows me to do much more heavy lifting than I would without it. The brace reduces the pain and relief afterward.

I utilize both front and rear panels when I play golf. This brace has allowed me to increase the # of holes of golf I can play. Prior to the brace, my back would force me to stop after 10 or 7 holes. Now I have no trouble playing 18 holes. I use only the back panel at other times (sitting, standing, shopping, etc) because it stabilizes my back while allowing much more range of motion.

Very happy with the brace, felt little or no back pain after wearing the brace.

I found it helpful in my daily walks. Have shown it to my neighbors, also social workers & doctors. All were impressed by it. Very helpful in my pain control.

Helped to keep pain less harsh. Could stay on my feet or stand longer. It felt much better to sit. I have to use my brace much longer to really determine the lasting benefits.

The brace is just wonderful. It keeps everything in place for me.

I wear the brace to church and around the house. This is the best brace I’ve used – great job. Very comfortable. I have enjoyed wearing this brace. Very comfortable. I’ve had other braces but not made like this one. Thanks for making this product

After receiving the brace –
I used it a lot, now I don’t. But when I feel pain – The first thing I think of is to get the brace& put it on.
It has helped a lot.

When worn, I feel a sense of security that shows my back will not go out. Driving is much better, golfing is in the foreseeable future!

When I first got up in the morning it used to be very painful to stand. With the brace I was able to stand without pain. With the brace I was able to stand without pain. After 2-3hrs with the brace I was back to normal status. Thank you for your very supportive brace.

I have an autoimmune disease called IBM which has atrophied my lower muscles among others. The DDS helps to mitigate the strain & experience on my back. The brace helps me to be able to work in my garden.

I immediately felt relief after putting on your brace. I wear it for 8hrs at a time during the day. It’s very comfortable to wear. I’m glad I ordered it when I did.

This has been extremely comfortable. I loaned it to my father and it helped him immensely. The Extension piece really helped him; he is overweight. Love the fact the belt is customizable. Thank you

The brace has given me considerable relief. However, because of multiple problems, including scoliosis, spinal stenosis, arthritis, disintegrated discs, herniated disks, bone spurs (back is a disaster) miracles were not expected – I have to be very careful not wear it too long because of adverse affects when removed. Overall I am very satisfied with the relief I have gotten.

It is excellent for long drives in the car.

It’s very comfortable to wear. Felt relief as soon as I put it on. At work its wonderful. When I take it off I feel good. When I pump it up to were I want I, it relief, relief, relief. I love it.

This DDS Back brace is next to having a new back. No one can notice it when you are wearing it. I would recommend to everyone. “please get this DDS back brace if you are having any back problems.” This DDS back brace says it all, I did not have to get back surgery. You cannot beat

This brace gives support to your back. It makes me feel very comfortable

I can lift and bend over and walk better. Get my yard and house work done better now. I think it’s a very good back brace.

Wearing the brace during standing and shopping gave me relief from back pain. I can stand and walk for a longer time.

I am a retired or semi retired contractor/architect. I also tinker with inventions and the DDS-500 was an exact idea ofmine incarnate. I saw the tv advertisement while visiting my wife @ the hospital for her surgery and I just had to get a DDS-500 to see if it would work as well on my back problems as I had thought. It did so to a 150%of desired product effort. I had to convince my insurance company to examine and approve of medical equipment durability- they did and I wear it now for 1 ½ years.

After getting the DDS brace I can work and play with my grandchild almost without pain I love the DDS brace.

Incredible piece of equipment. Has avoided a lot of back pain for me- love it! When wearing it, there is no pain at all. I wear it all day when walking the Augusta National golf course during the masters tournament here in Augusta.

Your company is my hero… “I Love this Brace”

The brace is well made and has help my pain. I will keep using it.

I had repeat back issues that lasted months at a time. When I started wearing the DDS brace my issues started to slow down with me wearing the DDS brace. I can say that my problems are better for the first time in a long time. Wonderful product, very happy with my progress.

I am very happy with the brace. If my back is hurting I stop whatever I am doing and put the brace on for a couple of hours. And the pain is gone and I can continue with my task.

I really love my DDS brace I had 2 back surgeries 1975 and 2003 I also was diagnosed with arthritis all over my body. The brace has helped my pain in my lower back which gets to the point I can’t do any house work, can’t bend or stoop my pain is past a 10. I can put my brace on, lay down or stand up, can tell right away as soon as I pump it up and within a few mins whether it’s going to work for me. It also has helped with the hip and leg pain that I have been having since my leg surgery. I can put the brace on and pump it up it and it stops the pain in less than 20 mins. I never thought the DDS would really help me but I’m so happy it did and I would be happy to tell anyone about it. Thank you whomever it concerns.

I am pleased with the DDS Brace, I find it to be quite comfortable when lifting objects or standing. I recommend it to people with extreme back problems.

The brace is comfortable, not bulky, easily wore under t-shirt or sweatshirt. Easy to keep clean. I can’t tell you how it has changed my mobility and helped my pain while doing activities.

I love the support the brace provides, without adding weight. It feels good like someone is lifting me up “out of pain.” I have had back surgery since owning the brace. My surgery has been very successful, so I am no longer using the brace. However, I will keep it handy as you never know when you may need it

I think it’s definitely helping me and I’m looking for the better results as I keep wearing it. It helps me in the morning so that I can do what I want to without stopping to take a break because of pain. It helps me most when I’m doing standing jobs. At work bench or kitchen counters. It helps me stand up straighter.

I suffer from lower disc bulging and spinal stenosis. Before I got the DDS brace I couldn’t do hardly anything. I couldn’t stand on my feet for very long, without back pain. I withdrew from all activities. When I received the DDS brace I was able to function a lot better. I was undergoing spinal shots which I have since canceled. I will probably always have back problems, but the DDS has really helped me be able to function much better. Many thanks for the brace.

I am thankful for the DDS brace. It has helped me so much. My stomach is a little large which caused me to be short of breath a few times but I compensated by dropping the air pressure a little. I really like the brace—the lessening of the pain is wonderful. I had a lumbar laminectomy on two different occasions. The first lasted about 10 years. The incompetent surgeon who did the last on really messed my back up. I can no longer run or bend over without pain. The back brace relieves the pain very much, but I still can’t run like I formerly could.

While cooking dinner for guests, I would need to sit down for 10 or 15 min before proceeding. If expecting company I would need to spend a couple days in preparation for their arrival. I would need to make my bed with several “rests” before finishing. One definite plus is that I am now able to stand more erect after wearing my brace daily. I had quite a pronounced “stooping” posture caused by 3 separate compressed fractures of my back.

The DDS 500 has completely cured my low back pain.

It has improved my quality of my life during the day and night. If you need a spokesperson for the product I would love to be one.

Since I have been wearing the DDS brace I don’t have much back pain now.

I have enjoyed the brace. It has really helped with my back. I can do my work now. Thank you.

The brace provided significant pain relief by reducing strain and pressure on my L4 and L5 discs by pulling adjacent vertebrae away from area. I used it during light workouts (treadmill, elliptical, cross trainers) and realized less pain up until surgery. Neat device….thanks!

I have had lower back pain for years and was told there was nothing that could be done because I had degenerative disc disease. After getting the brace I got almost immediate relief. I now stand straighter and walk better with my walker. I sleep better at night. I put the brace on in the morning and wear it to mid-afternoon. It’s great!

It helps my back. It gives me relief right away. My back feels more limber after I take it off.

The brace helps me to be able to cook, work in my yard, wash dishes and to be able to stand. Whoever’s idea this was give him the noble prize.

Apparently all I needed was to take even a slight amount of lift off my affected area. While I still was limited in my range of motion for some time (until healing occurred) there was definitely immediate relief and I am thankful for that.

I am well pleased with the DDS 500. When I have back pain I put it on and actually I don’t know when my back stops hurting. All I know is once I think about my back, there is no pain.

I went to chiropractor several times a week due to lower back pain. Now I only go once every 2 or 3 months. When I start to feel pain I just put on my DDS for an hour and feel so much better.

I always favored my left side when walking. Now my posture is straight when wearing it. I love it. Great invention.

At age 78 I could not play golf without pain. The brace gives me additional support and I can swing faster without fear of pain.

Very good for two or more hours of driving.

Love this brace! So glad I got it. It has really helped me. I am a different person. It takes the pressure off the nerves. Thank God for this DDS back brace and this company. It is just wonderful.

I laughingly call my back pain my allergy to housework as standing to sweep, mop, wash dishes etc. is what causes most of my pain. With the brace I am able to get things done.

I had sciatic leg pain. The brace helped to eliminate the pain. I do not need it now and have let my neighbor who has back pain use it.

Before I would wear back braces but they were causing more problems pushing in, not pulling upwards. DDS is just the best brace I have seen or used in over 40 years!

I still hurt if I don’t use it but nowhere near the pain I did have. It’s a lot better. I can do more around the house and sweep and mop a little now. It has helped me so much and relieves the pain.

The DDS should have come along a long time ago. I have tried other back belts from Walgreens, Home Depot and Wal-Mart, but the DDS is far more superior.

Very effective and comfortable to wear. Relieves pain!

This has helped with my discomfort, and I would recommend to someone who suffers severe chronic back pain, as I have, as alternative to surgery or injections, and most definitely to prescriptions.

I was unable to stand very well for more than a few minutes. I was having to find a seat when shopping or visiting, and was becoming a hunch-back. Immediately upon wearing the brace I stood straighter and for longer period of time. My posture is continuing to improve and I note a greater mobility and endurance for general movement and exercise. I am a believer in my DDS brace and have told other friends.

I wear the DDS brace and this is a lot more than I can say about the old ones I have had. Your product is a great improvement over anything else I have had.

I love my DDS brace. When I have back pain as soon as I put it on my pain begins to go away and I don’t have to wear it but about 4 hours. I don’t have to take pain medication and it also helps the pain in my legs and ankles. I love it!

It has been very beneficial in building my confidence for hitting the golf ball and for playing without fear of any serious further injury to my lower back. Because of the brace I no longer over swing and put additional pressure on the spine.

I love this brace, especially when standing for prolonged periods such as when I’m cooking or doing light housework.

The reason for my brace: I sat on a pillow and it slipped and I fell on my back. I had low back pain and sciatic pain first on my left side then on my right side. I was in the infirmary for 4 weeks each time with low back pain and sciatic pain. After wearing the brace I was able to walk better and with some comfort. I wear the brace from 5:30 AM until 7:30 PM daily. I have used it daily since I received it and feel it has helped me a lot.

I could not drive more than 30 min. Now I can drive 2 hours before stopping and I am not in extensive pain.

Wearing the DDS back brace helped me to work as a security guard for 2 years until I retired. It really helped with standing and walking with a minimum of pain. Without it I probably would not have been able to continue working, because of the severe back and sciatic nerve pain in both legs. The DDS back brace is a life saver and I recommended it to co-workers and friends.

I received a series of epidurals without results. I was advised to try the DDS brace to avoid surgery on my sciatic nerve. It proved relief and healing help within a short time. I keep it available for future use.

It just feels good and gives immediate pain relief.

Since I began using the DDS belt my daily pain has decreased 90 percent.

Since I have gotten the DDS brace I have noticed the pain subsides a lot at times. I have recommended the brace to a friend who has trouble with low back pain and I would also tell anyone else who seems to have problems. I have a niece who also has one and she says it helps her too. I want to thank your company for my DDS brace!

I had a pinched nerve going down my both legs. The chiropractor could not alleviate my pain but wearing this brace sure did.

The brace helps me with my posture and also takes pressure off my back so I can be more active than I was before using the brace. I really like wearing it.

The immediate relief was so appreciated. The brace is well-constructed and perfect for those that need relief. Thank you thank you! The designers knew what they were doing to construct this design. More should give this a try. It is worth it! Thank you!

I love my brace! I have and will recommend the brace to anyone. I am almost pain free at most times.

Very comfortable. I have recommended it to all my friends. My husband also wears one.

The brace allows me to do the housework that was painful to do before.

I got the brace for sciatic nerve problems. I saw immediate results. Within a month I was pretty much pain free. I’ve had the brace for three months now and have reduced usage to about every other day. I use it three times a week when exercising. I also find it great for walking.

My DDS brace has helped with my back pain. I don’t have to use it all the time. When my back does hurt I can put on my brace and my back will ease off. I know that my brace has helped me a lot.

It’s so nice to put the brace on in the morning. My back immediately feels stronger! I can sit at my computer for a couple of hours now without back pain! I have been telling friends with back pain to purchase this brace as they will amazed with the results!

I have worn other braces in the past that did nothing at all and didn’t think they had any brace that helped until using the DDS.

The DDS Lumbar Brace immediately took a tremendous amount of pressure from my back. I had two failed back surgeries on L4, L5, S1 and S2. I also have a surgically implanted spinal cord stimulator. The DDS is far more effective.

Enjoy being able to walk without a cane. Great support for the lower back as well as all around the general area.

My DDS brace fits under clothes well. I am able to resume walking and doing my job. I have recommended this to colleagues and patients. I wear it under my scrubs undetected and work all day. It is phenomenal.

Prior to using the DDS 500 I could not stand up straight without being in severe pain. After acquiring the DDS my back is straighter and the discs in my lower and upper back do not hurt as much. I wear it to the store and when doing my exercising. Thank you DDS 500 for improving my life!

It allows me to resume outside work as long as I need to. Previously I could only work 10 minutes.

My wife was a cancer patient. I had to pull her up in bed a lot. Without the Lords help and your brace I couldn’t have had her at home under hospice care for as long as I did. Thanks for a wonderful brace.

I have had chronic back problems for years. I am now 71. My doctor suggested this brace. It is wonderful. It gives me strength and support. I like to work in my garden. This is a BIG assist. For myself, I recommend it to anyone with chronic back problems.

It is comfortable to wear and takes care of any back pain.

I wear it every time I’m going to be at my desk for more than a few minutes. I wouldn’t be without it on plane trips or at the movies, plays for opera. I wear it when working in my garden. It has made a huge difference in my life. Until I retired a year ago I wore it 8 hours a day in my oral surgery practice.

I had 4 herniated discs in my lower back and after wearing the brace I am able to walk and do more than before. If my back is bothering me and I am going to do something I should be careful doing, I will put on the brace. The DDS brace may have prevented me from having to have a 4th surgery on my back.

After 3 shots for the herniated discs I was left with pain in my right leg from my knee down to my foot with period of needle-like pain all over my foot. Wearing the DDS brace each morning (1/2 hr while walking plus 1 hour just moving around normally) would relieve the pain for approx. 10 to 14 hours—usually till bed time. Awakening in the morning the pain would resume and I would repeat the use of the brace. After some physical therapy and daily wearing of the brace for approximately 2.5 to 3 months, I woke up one morning and the pain was gone. Up to now 6 months has passed and the pain has not returned. I am now playing golf and tennis again.

One of the best back braces I have ever worn. I like the air control and how it stays in place around the waist no matter how I bend it always fits right back in the area. All my other back braces would fold over when I bend over and stay in bent or flipped position…out of control and very uncomfortable. Not my DDS! I like it. Thank you.

The brace has not improved my golf score one damn bit, but it has made it more enjoyable to play a bad round of golf!

This brace along with daily exercises taught by physical therapy have greatly reduced my pain. I experience much less leg pain at night. It has allowed me to return to most of my regular activities. I really feel that my injuries have healed reducing my need for pain medication.

The DDS brace is very good. I have a bulging disc. With using the DDS brace I can work in the yard and lift and bend using my back without pain.

I could not believe the relief this brace provides me. However surgery is still recommended for me. This brace is great benefit to my life. It enables me to hold my granddaughter and continue to care for my family. Thank you very much.

My name is Dave and I thought I’d thank you for your great service. Also I’d like to tell you what got me to you. In 2008 I had a fusion on my back at L-4, L-5 and S1. It did not work for me. I was in chronic pain for 4 years until I found your great product. The DDS 300 belt. I’ve been thru so many belts from the drug stores and the ones they say that are the best on TV. Nothing worked for me until I found the DDS 300 air decompression belt. I was taking 60mg of percocet a day. Now I’m down 20mg a day. I could not drive more than 15 miles before I got the belt. Now I drive as long as I want to. So if there is any people out there that have back pain. Don’t bother with the cheap products out there that don’t work. Go right to the best. The DDS 300 or DDS 500. Now I live with 90% less pain. I hope your company will publish this for me so I can help someone else that is in pain. Again thank you so much for your great product and service.

Excellent product. I have thoracic degenerative disc disease. This is the only thing that allows me to stand/walk more than 20 min without excruciating pain. I have chronic fatigue syndrome & fibromyalgia; physical therapy is very difficult and makes me hurt for days. My DDS Brace is one of the few things that brings relief.

The DDS 500 I just got it today and I put it on and with in 15 to 20 mins. The pain in my lower back almost went away.
I did not think this device would make that much of a difference but it really does.
I thank you for this device!!!

After receiving my DDS brace and putting it on, I actually felt a difference in my lower back pain and hurting. A calmness was felt and my back was hurting less. I wear the DDS brace at least 2 times a day for 2 hrs at a time. I also wear my brace to do grocery shopping under my clothes. The DDS brace has brought me much relief from the lower back pain I was enduring before the DDS brace. I feel blessed to have this brace. Thanks!

While visiting family in Gulfport, MS I started to get intense pain in my lower back that radiated down to my left leg. It almost reached a point where I couldn’t walk. I found a local doctor within my insurance network and he took x-rays of my back and said I had degenerative disc disease plus arthritis and prescribed the lumbar belt. It helped immediately and within one week I was back to almost normal. I don’t need to wear it daily, but believe you me, as soon as any pain shows up, I’ll be wearing it regularly again.

MY back pain gone… (from jumping up and down playing basketball from age 6yrs)

My grandson’s back pain relieved as I sent him a DDS 300 as well…

Am officially applying for a job as I’ve mentioned this product to dozens of peeps at airports/post office / stores where peeps stand all day… etcetc…

Sometimes products actually do what the claim is…and..the magic works…

When I lived in Jackson, MS., I had access to a DDS [Brace]. When I moved to North Mississippi, I no longer had this option and I was beside myself when I saw the DDS 500 belt advertised on TV and immediately got my DR to order it for me. When I start having trouble, sometimes not even being able to turn over in bed, I wear my belt and I am good as new.

This is the Best Back Brace I ever had.

This belt is excellent. It has helped me with chronic back and hip pain. I totally would recommend this belt to anyone experiencing these problems.

I love my brace! It is very helpful to me in many ways. I would recommend it to anyone.

First I had to learn how to properly fit the panels so I could get the best results. The Back panel was kind of hard for me at first, but I found out that when I got my body relaxed it felt much better. I love my brace. I wear it without the panels now. It helps me do some activities that I had to pay someone else to do. My back is relieved and so am I. Thanks DDS Brace!

I have told other people about it that it helps a lot. It’s comfortable and easy to use. I noticed a difference right away.

The Brace is very good. It has given me some relief from pain, especially when walking. Your product is so good.

I am amazed this brace offers so much relief from the nagging pain.

I cannot say enough about my new DDS back brace, I have suffered for years with chronic back pain, I have degenerative bone disease and spinal stenosis, My pain dr recommended this for me and now my quality of life is restored, this is my 3rd pain dr i have been to, so glad he recommended this to me, I would highly recommend this for anyone who has back pain, muscular pain to give this belt a try, you won’t be sorry you did. and its covered by medicare, and most insurance companies.

I was first introduced to the DDS 500 Brace at a company training. Disc Disease Solutions sales manager Steven Fontana had flown out to our corporate headquarters in Kansas City, KS, to educate our staff on how this new brace works so we could best represent it to our client base. As Steven began to explain how the brace creates decompression of the spine by lodging up under the rib cage and pushing down against the pelvic girdle, my interest immediately began to intensify.

I approached Steven after the training to inquire about getting one. I explained to him how I had been suffering from chronic back pain for the last 8 years (since my spinal compression fracture) and was on the verge of agreeing to back surgery.

Steven was kind enough to leave me with a sample brace and I began wearing it that day. I was very anxious to see if it would do what Steven claimed it would do—decompress my spine.

I had a 3 day ministry convention coming up where I would be standing in a booth long periods of time. I figured that would be the ultimate test for the DDS 500.

Well, it has been a month since I first started wearing the brace and I can honestly say I am very blessed to have received it. My back pain is pretty much eliminated. I still wear the DDS 500 from 2 to 4 hours per day. If I have a particularly long day on my feet, or have to do a lot of walking, or any serious lifting (not often, but occasionally) I still feel that old ache… but it is SIGNIFICANTLY improved. So much so, that I have really put off the idea of surgery.

I used to have nights when I couldn’t sleep, even with pretty heavy doses of anti-inflammatory medication, and sometimes even with prescription pain meds. I have not had a sleepless night (well, at least from back pain) since about a week after I began wearing the DDS 500.

I wore the DDS 500 for most of the time that I worked the 3-day ministry conference. I wore it under my polo, over a t-shirt, and it was quite comfortable for the extended hours I worked our booth. I am gearing up to work another 3 day festival on Labor Day weekend, and will be counting on my DDS 500 to pull me through again!

I have been very impressed with the amount of traction that it provides, without being uncomfortably tight. This is very important to me due to the fact that I wear an insulin pump. The infusion of the insulin along with the inserted blood glucose sensor has to have a very good amount of circulation through the area of interstitial fluid below the surface of the skin. What I have found with other “constriction” braces, is that they tend to inhibit the circulation of the interstitial fluid in and around my infusion sites, which would cause problems with the overall blood glucose control. I have been an insulin dependent diabetic since I was 8 years old. I have to be VERY careful about controlling my blood glucose levels, and this brace allows me to function comfortably at work, keeping my glucose under good control, while also providing much needed relief and allowing healing to take place in my back.

Thanks again to Steven and Disc Disease Solutions for providing this incredible product to me. I’m serious… I LOVE it!

I put on the Brace when I could hardly even walk and the difference was unbelievable. I felt like a million bucks. It’s truly remarkable that I didn’t feel like i was going to fall. Thank you so very much for this brace. I live in Sulphur/Lake Charles, Louisiana, it’s hot and humid but even though I sweat while wearing the brace it was easy to clean with Lysol spray to rid of germs. I even want to go as far as saying that, although I was in tremendous pain because of the swaying while walking, I truly felt like I had successful back surgery and was healed because of the DDS Brace. It truly makes you feel 100% better. I no longer need to take breaks while walking. I truly don’t get tired from fatigue either. Awesome back brace!! I got a piece of my life back. Thank You so very much. I am a different person.

Unit stabilizes back pain. Reduction occurs within minutes. Doctor indicated that item was well made and would aid in back pain relief. I am without pain after numerous treatments and feel the DDS brace helped considerably in obtaining this success and preventing requirement for invasive surgery.

Works wonders. I used it a lot at first then less and less. I have 9 discs wrong with my back. I had one done and been able for the last 2 years to get by without anymore. It works real good and yes I tell everyone. It helps keep me going so far. It’s been wonderful. I love it! Thank you!

The decompression belt is comfortable to wear. The first week, I wore the belt 2 hrs on and 2 hrs off. Since the second week, I sometimes wear it up to four hours. Individual likes will vary. I personally have no problems performing activities such as cutting grass, driving my taxi, or setting ceramic tiles. In just about a month I’m feeling much better with these activities than before the belt. I’ve noticed that when I’m not wearing the belt I still feel much better. The decompression belt has helped me so much by decompressing the L5 disk off the nerve. Different individuals will obtain different results. If this belt can help me, it will certainly help many others. John if you would like the rest of my story of how this condition come about please let me know. I DEFINITELY recommend the decompression belt be tried by those persons with a pinched nerve, or scoliosis, which I’ve had for years. I feel the decompression belt can benefit so many people. Thank you Mr.Lee.

I’ve noticed that when I’m not wearing the belt I still feel much better. The decompression belt has helped me so much by decompressing the L5 disk off the nerve. Different individuals will obtain different results. If this belt can help me, it will certainly help many others. John if you would like the rest of my story of how this condition come about please let me know. I DEFINITELY recommend the decompression belt be tried by those persons with a pinched nerve, or scoliosis, which I’ve had for years. I feel the decompression belt can benefit so many people. Thank you Mr.Lee

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